Taking care of Chicago since 2004

Inter City Maintenance works with management companies, and condo / homeowner’s associations across Chicago to keep buildings in immaculate condition, updated to fit tenant needs, and maintained with quality. Our range of services fully suit any needs in residential condo settings.


Ch Newman, Astor Street, Chicago

I am very pleased with the quality of service from Inter City Maintenance Service for the ceiling repair and repainting from damage caused by exterior water infiltration I had in my high rise condo unit along the lake. Pan and his workmen were courteous, cleanly, and on-time. In all ways they were dependable. The real accomplishment, though, is the superb paint work that they did on the entire ceiling covering two rooms and two hallways without any drips or damage to furniture, lamps, and other objects that had to be moved and replaced to do the work. The popcorn ceiling matching was very well done so that the repaired part looks like the rest of the ceiling.

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