Taking care of Chicago since 2004

Inter City Maintenance works with management companies, and condo / homeowner’s associations across Chicago to keep buildings in immaculate condition, updated to fit tenant needs, and maintained with quality. Our range of services fully suit any needs in residential condo settings.


Daniel Valdes CMCA, AMS

Intercity has been retained to complete a variety of projects over the years for multiple condo associations in the Chicagoland area. Typically they are recommended by the board members directly, which speaks to their quality in craftsmanship and reliability. With so many options to choose from when selecting a reputable contractor, Intercity has continued to impress and satisfy their customers due to their full service customer support staff and thoroughly understanding the importance of using new industry technology to stay ahead. I continue to use Intercity and consult with Pan Kelmendi directly on new projects because they have the needed industry tools and technology to get the project completed while still taking the time to make sure all of the decision makers are understating the entire process.

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